Monday, July 16, 2012

So armed my little checklist of things to look for on a counterfeit ergobaby, I waited patiently for my ebay purchase of a new designer ergobaby carrier in Innsbruck. I knew from the start that I was taking a risk, but I looked for a buyer that clearly had good feedback and a return policy just in case. After getting my carrier I excitedly went through my checklist and was feeling safer by the minute. It was so nice and super soft. After using it for a week I started to notice 2 things that sent up red flags and so I decided to contact Ergobaby directly. I had registered my carrier on their website so I thought I wouldn't have any problems...although in the back of my head I was already preparing for what she was going to tell me. My precious Ergobaby carrier was an impostor! No way!! I had spent hours researching, but I did notice I could find no information on this particular model of Ergos. It appears these fakers have gotten so good, its nearly impossible to tell unless you have them both in your hand at the same time. So I decided to contact the seller where he agreed to give me $145 to purchase a Authentic Ergobaby carrier and I got him to let me keep the knock-off so that I may do this blog. I just got my Authentic Ergobaby carrier from an approved vendor on their list and here is what I found........
The real Ergobaby carrier box is the lighter color with the upc lable on the top. The numbers are exactly the same, different patten upc bar.

They are doing a really good job duplicating the box these days. I couldn't find any typos or substandard printing, which is usually a sign to look for on the fakes. The cardboard box feels exactly the same.

Other than the color of the box being slightly lighter, the only other difference I could find was the color of the logo was different. The real box is on the left.

The real is on the left again. Really nothing different with exceptions of a few colors

This is how the real ergobaby carriers come. No plastic bag. The registration was attached and in the hood pocket along with the instructions
The fake ergo came in a plastic bag with registration card and an instruction booklet.

The registration cards are nearly identical. If anything the ergos card stock was stiffer. The model numbers look identical . I had no problem registering the fake ergo on their website. The one on the top is the fake card.

Registration card came attached to the carriers hood buckle and was inside the pocket.

This is the logo on the REAL Ergobaby. Exactly the same with exception to the top color on the logo. The REAL Ergo will be a light turquoise color.

This is the fake erogs logo. It appears to be white on the top...otherwise the same
Here is a side by side comparison of the 2. Right out of the box I noticed the REAL ergobaby is made of a stiffer more durable feeling fabric. I actually preferred the softness of my fake, but in the end it probably means the fabric will not hold up as well. Im sure the REAL ergos soften up nicely overtime. I also noticed the REAL ergobaby was more square and the fake having a more tapered appearance near the seat. The fake was also a bit taller. The REAL Ergobaby carrier is pictured on the Left.

You can see a very slight difference in the thread of the fabric. The one on the Left is the REAL ergo.

 I had done all my research on what to look for in spotting a fake and I was almost fooled until a few things popped up. The first red flag for me was the Ergobaby logo was upsidedown when the hood was out. The Ergobaby company would have enough attention to detail to have their logo facing the right way

The hood is also slightly larger on the Real Ergobaby. The REAL ergo is again pictured on the Left.

Now this is one of the areas we are told to check to spot a fake ergo. We used to have to look for a warning label that was only in one language, typos, and the label being placed somewhere other than the waist belt. As you can see they have become hip to the game and did them exactly as The REAL ergo baby. The one on the top is the REAL Ergo

There isn't a huge difference with the waist belt area. Maybe a little stiffer than the fake

Another area we are told to check is the waist buckle brand. We were told to look for Stealth buckles. The fakes do say Stealth but have other information on them as well making it hard to tell the difference unless you have something else to compare it to. The top is the Real Ergo buckle

The top buckle is real and says Woo-Jin Flex Stealth 50mm. On the backside it says WJ Dura-Flex anti-break....the fake says UTX-Stealth Warrior NOTE( The stealth buckles can be found on the real ergo's as well, so that isnt the only detail you should go on when identifing yours)



My next and final REd Flag was the safety elastic on the waist belt and shoulder belt began to stretch out and have a ruffled appearance. This being a "Safety" elastic, I knew for sure that this could in no way be an authentic ergobaby. I was really mad since I had sat there with my little checklist of things and at very first glance, thought I had the real thing. You can see clearly the defective area. Note also that the real ergobaby has placed their elastic right at the edge where as the fakes is about an inch into the belt. This would be one of the things I check in the future to verify authenticity.

Identical organic cotton labels. I am starting to notice maybe a very slight difference in color on the scroll work. The REAL ergo seems to be a bit brighter

The Real Ergo baby is on the Left. Here you can see better how they have a more square shape and the fake is slightly taller and tapered towards the seat.
The padding in the shoulder falls a good 4" short of the real ergo carrier. REAL being on the left

On the shoulder straps there is a button to attch the sleep hood and a plastic loop. The REAL ergo has a sturdy squared plastic loop pictured on the left. The fake is rounded and on the right
Padding was slightly less padded. The Real ergos feel like the stitching is tighter and more sturdy all around
They sure do look alike. REAL on the left
Real on left

These are the hood straps. The Real ergo straps are on the Left. The buttons are a little different, bigger and slightly better quality
Fake Ergo label inside hood pocket
Authentic Ergobaby label inside hood pocket

Below is another fake ergo carrier I got as a handme down. Not knowing the brand much at the time, I loved it until the straps started to tear. Only when I went to sell it did I realize it wasnt an ergobaby. Now having had these experiences, its very obvious on this carrier. The logo looks similar but it clearly says "The Ergo Baby" on it

Not an ergobaby

This carrier also had no safety belt elastic nor could it be used in a side carry.

Heres where it ripped and I sewed it back together

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